The Golden House Observatory

Norway’s ‘Crystal Dome’ gives visitors a unique window to the world.

Det Gylne Hus ObservatoryWhen you run an attraction in an area of outstanding natural beauty you want to give your visitors the best views possible.

That is why Norwegian artists Arthur Adamsson and Bjorg Bjoberg chose us to build a SOLARDOME® Haven right on top of their museum-gallery, which also has a coffee shop.

Not only did this give visitors the perfect vantage point to admire the snow-covered mountains and famous Fjords, it also enabled the two proprietors to create commercial space where before there was none.

Local area and reaction

Det Gylne Hus ObservatoryThe municipality of Balestrand is dotted with pointed and flat roofed buildings. That is until your eyes reach Det Gylne Hus, or The Golden House, which now provides the perfect skyline contrast with its glass dome observatory.

The unique addition officially opened to the public in June 2010, attracting interest from Balestrand’s local newspaper, ‘Nyhende’, which described it as: ’the crystal dome – a first for Norway and a symbol of hope’.

In their own words

Proud owner Arthur explained: “We were attracted by the beauty of the Solardome® glasshouse and the impact it would have against the dramatic landscape of the Fjords. It started as a wild idea, but today our house on the quay has its very own window to the world.”

“The Solardome® glasshouse adds an artistic element to the house, in keeping with the gallery itself. We have had a fantastic response from the local community and visitors – it is unique,” he added.


Location The Golden House, Balestrand, Norway
The challenge To provide a roof top seating area for visitors that afforded the best views of the surrounding Fjords.
The solution SOLARDOME® Haven
Dome specification 3-frequency geodesic dome
Diameter – 4.61m/15′ 1″
Height – 3.05m/ 10′  1″
Volume – 34m3 / 1200ft3
Area – 16.69m2 / 179.65ft2


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