domes for accommodation

Create memorable getaway experiences for your guests.

Enhance your accommodation by adding a modern and inspiring geodome to your outdoor grounds.

From romantic breaks for couples, to staycations for close friends, provide unrivalled experiences in our brand new 6m PRO dome, which, due to being under 30m2, faces fewer building regulations in the UK (see our design concept below).

Glamping concept with social space

Take a look at a double-glazed 6m SOLARDOME® PRO glamping concept with an 8m SOLARDOME® Sanctuary social space. 
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What sets us apart

What makes the SOLARDOME® PRO the standout choice for glamping over other options, such as tents and tepees? Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Full value – Provide structures of the highest strength and quality, allowing you to charge premium rates and see a quick return on investment.
  • ‘Wow’ factor – Deliver luxury, immersive experiences in a unique geodesic dome.
  • Fully customisable – Choose your colour, glazing setup, accessories, and more…
  • Energy efficient – More economical to heat than other structures.
  • Long lasting – Enjoy all of the above for decades, rather than years, and provide a glamping service to remember.

The domes are a fantastic asset to our business, and the return on investment has been substantial.
Tom Howe, Operations Manager, Jimmy’s Lodge

Moments to cherish

SOLARDOME® geodesic domes create a distinctive ambience and a oneness with nature with their 360-degree views, while protecting those inside from the elements – even in the most exposed parts of the world.

Create luxury, spacious lodgings – perfect for travelling groups – with our SOLARDOME® PRO system for fully insulated and controllable environments up to 20m in diameter.

PRO range

If you’re looking for a striking alternative to a traditional building, discover the SOLARDOME® PRO and bring your grand design to life.
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The ideal focal point

Looking for an eye-catching structure as a communal area? Why not consider our glasshouse range as a multi-purpose meeting spot, just like the team at the Skyewalker Hostel created.

From dining areas to a luxury reception lounge, our glasshouses are perfectly set up to provide a dedicated space at the heart of your site.

Glasshouse range

Our glass domes create a design statement for your grounds whilst delivering a multi-purpose environment for outdoor living.
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KristallSalzWelt, Austria

The skylight requirements were to provide a central feature, maximum light, complete weather protection from the high winds and snow loading of the Austrian climate and fit over the atrium of a unique 12-sided building.
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The Wellwood Centre

The Wellwood Centre in Ireland sits in eight acres of beautifully landscaped grounds where everyone is really impressed by the warm, light and airy space in the dome.
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SOLARDOME Haven, Castle View B&B, Cornwall

Castleview Bed and Breakfast

Nestled in the heart of King Arthur country on the north coast of Cornwall is the Castleview B&B. Affording magnificent views of Tintagel Castle and the Atlantic Ocean, it is home to a Solardome glasshouse.
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