Visitor facilities

An extra dimension to the customer experience

Stand out from the crowd and provide a unique, versatile room for your guests to enjoy. Many commercial organisations choose a Solardome® geodesic dome to add an extra dimension to their customer attractions and visitor facilities. Our domes are quick to build, efficient, long-lasting and low-maintenance. You can provide additional visitor facilities, which are beautiful and functional, in no time at all and that can be used all year round.

Visitor facilities with a difference

A geodesic dome cannot fail to be noticed and admired. Guests can relax in a tranquil garden environment with afternoon tea, celebrate a special occasion in a unique building or be entertained in a luxurious leisure facility. The wonderful acoustics and light in the dome also make it a great space for music and art events. If you want to create an opulent reception area, enhance your park with a picnic area, add a cafe at your botanical gardens or provide something extra as part of your hotel or B&B accommodation, then a dome is the perfect choice.

Choose from our standard range of commercial glasshouses, 3.6m -10.1m diameter or our SOLARDOME® PRO architectural system for fully habitable dome buildings from 7.2m to 20m in diameter.

Solardome® geodesic dome visitor facilities

The Wellwood Centre

The Wellwood Centre in Ireland sits in eight acres of beautifully landscaped grounds where everyone is really impressed by the warm, light and airy space in the dome.
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Hilton Court, Haverfordwest

Hilton Court Gardens and Crafts, Wales

Hilton Court Gardens and Crafts has been running for over 25 years, at the centre of the gardens is a magnificent 10m Solardome® glasshouse, aptly named the ‘Paradise’ model.
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Visitor accommodation, Skyewalker Hostel, SOLARDOME Retreat at night

Skyewalker Hostel

An award winning hostel situated on the west coast of the Isle of Skye, previously owned a SOLARDOME 3 which survived the extreme Highland weather for over 20 years. However, in 2009 they replaced it with a new SOLARDOME Retreat.
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