Once in a lifetime wedding

Wow guests with a once in a lifetime wedding

Weddings are one of life’s big moments, and couples want to celebrate with loved ones in style. With a great sense of space, our open plan geodesic domes provide the perfect environment for luxury wedding receptions or ceremonies. They also create a unique space for events and parties under the stars.

Our geodesic domes are the perfect alternative to a traditional wedding venue or marquee.

From small intimate weddings in a 10.1m SOLARDOME® Paradise (78m²) to large events in a 20m SOLARDOME® PRO (314m²) our domes can cater for weddings and events in the hundreds. 

Why not consider our glasshouse range to offer couples a modern and breathtaking tropical setting, similar to Hilton Court Gardens.

Not only are they visually stunning, but they offer couples a unique and memorable experience to share with guests that will be talked about for years to come.

Wedding reception concept

Take a look at a double-glazed 15m SOLARDOME® PRO wedding reception concept with a mezzanine dance floor. There is plenty of space for larger weddings and events.  
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Wedding gallery

Click on the button below to see photos of weddings set within our customers geodesic domes.
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PRO and glasshouse range

Our PRO and glasshouse ranges are perfectly set up to provide a dedicated space at the heart of your site. They are quick to build, efficient, long-lasting and low maintenance. You can provide a unique venue in no time at all.

PRO range

If you’re looking for a striking alternative to a traditional venue, discover the SOLARDOME® PRO and bring your grand design to life.
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Glasshouse range

Our glass domes create a design statement for your grounds whilst delivering a multi-purpose room or venue setting.
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KristallSalzWelt, Austria

The skylight requirements were to provide a central feature, maximum light, complete weather protection from the high winds and snow loading of the Austrian climate and fit over the atrium of a unique 12-sided building.
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SOLARDOME Haven, Groves Nurseries, Bridport

Groves Nurseries

The unique shape of the dome provides an engaging space to exhibit as well as creating a more efficient environment for growing plants than a traditional greenhouse.
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SOLARDOME Haven, Castle View B&B, Cornwall

Castleview Bed and Breakfast

Nestled in the heart of King Arthur country on the north coast of Cornwall is the Castleview B&B. Affording magnificent views of Tintagel Castle and the Atlantic Ocean, it is home to a Solardome glasshouse.
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