SOLARDOME® Retreat 6.3m from £22,000 (ex. VAT)*

The Retreat is suitable for a range of projects from a spa or hydrotherapy pool cover to a tea room or community project. This dome creates perfect synergy between people and plants and is tall enough to accommodate palm trees or fruit trees. It generally does not require planning permission.
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Specification **
Max. diameter 6.27m / 20’ 7’’
Dome height 3.47m / 11’ 5’’
Volume 69m3 / 2437’3
External area of base 30.9m2 / 332.4’2
Door height 1.83m / 6’
Open door width 0.81m / 2’8’’
Roof vents 5
Side vents (as standard) 4
Base vents (as standard) 18
Recommended capacity in use 28-35

* Price exclusive of VAT and based on standard dome, supply only to UK mainland.

** Specifications subject to change.