Shade sails

Easy to assemble and take down, our shade sails are a great way of staying cool in warmer periods.

Shade sails are the modern and efficient way of controlling heat gain and glare in glasshouse environments. They provide the perfect balance between managing solar build-up and maintaining a light-filled space with 360-degree views.

The design will create a striking mottled effect, akin to being under the canopy of a tree. As the sun passes from East to West, beautiful small shards of light will move around the dome.

You are likely to experience distinctive acoustics inside our glass domes, especially the larger models, but shade sails are a great way of moderating this. The low tension levels in the stretch fabric significantly reduce the sound reflecting off hard surfaces, softening the space and preventing distracting echoes.

Check out the concepts for our entire glasshouse range below…

POD shade sails

Solardome® POD

Our POD provides the ideal greenhouse environment for your plants, a cosy meeting place for small groups…or a bit of both!
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Haven shade sails

Solardome® Haven

Want to host an outdoor party for up to 20 loved ones? Or simply extend the enjoyment of your garden? Then our Haven provides the perfect shelter and environment.
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Retreat shade sails

Solardome® Retreat

Our 6.3m diameter glasshouse is an all-rounder. Add our shade sails for the perfect relaxing space, garden room or artist’s studio – to name just a few.
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Sanctuary shade sails

Solardome® Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary dome is really popular with schools as it can comfortably fit standard-sized classes, and the shade sails will help to control the heat and glare.
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Paradise shade sails

Solardome® Paradise

For larger gatherings or corporate events, our 10.1m Paradise can hold up to 45 people, and our shade sails would keep them cool during functions that may last all day.
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