SOLARDOME® Retreat 6.3m from £26,400 (inc. VAT)*

The SOLARDOME® Retreat provides a large room and is ideal for a range of uses – enjoy relaxing, doing yoga, entertaining or even create an artist’s studio.

This dome creates a perfect synergy between people and plants and is tall enough to accommodate palm trees or fruit trees. It generally does not require planning permission.
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The SOLARDOME® Retreat is large enough to cover a plunge or spa pool and still leave plenty of room for furniture and planting. See how other SOLARDOME® Retreat owners are using theirs:

Mr & Mrs Fall

Mr & Mrs Fall have a multipurpose outdoor room for dining and relaxing in.
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Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University use their ‘BioDome’ to conduct high quality fieldwork on campus.
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Skyewalker Hostel

Unique guest facilities at SkyeWalker Hostal on the Isle of Skye.
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Photo Gallery

See more photos and how owners are using their SOLARDOME® Retreat dome glasshouses.
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Dome specification

Parameter Value
Max. diameter 6.27m 20’ 7’’
Max. height 3.47m 11’ 5’’
Internal area of base 28.5m2 307ft2
Volume 69m3 2436.7ft3
Door height 1.83m 6’
Open door width 0.81m 2’ 8’’
Roof vents (standard | maximum) 5 5
Side vents (standard | maximum) 4 10
Base vents 18
Max. number of staging units 18
Dome frequency [What’s this?] 4
SOLARDOME® Retreat front elevationSOLARDOME® Retreat plan view
Illustrations of a SOLARDOME® Retreat front elevation and plan view (showing it fitted out with a hot tub, seating area and planting)

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Need more space? Take a look at the SOLARDOME® Sanctuary which gives you 80% more room. Click here to find out about the SOLARDOME® Sanctuary.


* Price inclusive of VAT and based on a standard dome, supply only to UK mainland.