If you’re looking for a striking alternative to a traditional building, discover the SOLARDOME® PRO and bring your grand design to life.

The SOLARDOME® PRO architectural system can create awe-inspiring bespoke geodesic domes from 6m to 20m in diameter. From a leisure complex to a tropical biome, you can provide breathtaking experiences to set you apart from your competitors.

With the complex design work already taken care of, you can install your customised dome surprisingly quickly. Each dome is precision designed and engineered to last, guaranteeing high performance and quality.
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Our PRO domes

Although the PRO architectural system is fully bespoke and designed to your requirements, we have provided a few key models to help you start planning.

Guide prices below are based on the lowest cladding specification, supply only and exclusive of UK VAT and delivery charges. Contact us for more details.

6m PRO dome

6m PRO

The 6m SOLARDOME® PRO, from £36,000, is the smallest in this range, but still fits plenty inside – while you benefit from fewer building restrictions.
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7.2m PRO dome

7.2m PRO

The 7.2m SOLARDOME® PRO, from £60,000, is a modern and versatile option, which can be assembled much quicker than a traditional building.
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10.6m PRO dome

10.6m PRO

The 10.6m SOLARDOME® PRO, from £93,000, is the ideal solution for your large-scale commercial or educational project.
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15m PRO dome

15m PRO

The 15m SOLARDOME® PRO, from £165,000, is a stunning architectural building to bring your grand design to life.
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15m PRO dome

20m PRO

The 20m SOLARDOME® PRO, from £299,000, is the largest in our standard range and the ultimate dome for any pioneering project.
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