Our 10.6m PRO is the ideal solution for your large-scale commercial or educational project.

This geodesic dome is innovative, eco-friendly and extremely durable – and available at a fraction of the cost of a traditional building. It also has a substantial capacity of around 100 people.

Unlike smaller sizes, this model is tall enough to accommodate for a mezzanine level, adding an impressive 48m2 of usable space.

The Sultan’s School

Leading private school in Oman chooses Solardome Industries to bolster their impressive curriculum.
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Café concept

Check out this 10.6m café concept, complete with a kiosk and an extra 48 square metres of space on a mezzanine level.
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Linked domes

This visitor attraction concept incorporates two tropical growing areas and a central dome with a café and mezzanine sitting area.
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Dome specification

Parameter Value
Max. diameter 10.6m 34.8ft
Circumference 26.7m 108.3ft
Area of base 88m2 947ft2
Max. capacity 140
Max. height 5.3m 17.4ft
Volume 310m3 10,948ft3
Doors (double unless stated) 1
Opening windows 9
Dome frequency [What’s this?] 4

In addition, the SOLARDOME® PRO can be clad with any type of building material – choose from single, double or triple glazing.
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Photo Gallery

See more photos and how owners are using their SOLARDOME® PRO glass domes.
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