Introducing the 20m PRO: the ultimate dome for your grand design.

This model makes for a state-of-the-art leisure complex, multi-level visitor attraction or large-scale horticultural project – and much more.

With an impressive capacity of up to 500, this is the largest dome in our standard range.

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Check out our 20m PRO dome theatre concept, capable of seating hundreds of people – with plenty of space for a foyer, ticket office, and large stage.
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Dome specification

Parameter Value
Max. diameter 20m 65.6ft
Circumference 62.8m 206ft
Area of base 314m2 3,380ft2
Max. capacity 500
Max. height 9.5m 31.2ft
Volume 2,094m3 73,949ft3
Opening windows 20
Doors (double unless stated) 2
Dome frequency [What’s this?] 8

In addition, the SOLARDOME® PRO can be clad with any type of building material – choose from single, double or triple glazing.
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