Meet the 6m PRO dome: the newest – and smallest – in our pioneering range.

Due to being under 30m2, it is not subject to stringent building regulations and benefits from not needing planning permission in the UK.

Despite its modest size compared to the rest of the PRO domes, you can still fit in plenty of furniture to make anything from an AirBnB pod to a home office or gym.

Hotel room concept

Check out this double-glazed 6m PRO concept, complete with a bed, desk, sofa, and wood burning stove.
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Dome specification

Parameter Value
Max. diameter 6m 20ft
Circumference 18.8m 61ft 8″
Area of base 28.3m2 92.8ft2
Max. capacity 40
Max. height 3.2m 10ft 6″
Volume 56.5m3 185.4ft3
Doors (double unless stated) 1
Opening windows 5
Dome frequency [What’s this?] 4

In addition, the SOLARDOME® PRO can be clad with any type of building material – choose from single, double or triple glazing.
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Photo Gallery

See more photos and how owners are using their SOLARDOME® PRO glass domes.
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