Our 7.2m PRO is a modern and versatile yet durable option, suitable for any domestic, commercial or educational project.

With no need for deep foundations, and the ability to assemble the dome much quicker than a traditional building, you can get your project up and running in just a few months, from a free-standing classroom to a rooftop restaurant with stunning views.

It can hold around 50 people, and has a structural lifespan of over 100 years, ensuring a cost-effective solution for your long-term project.

Watford Grammar School for Girls

A girls’ school near London wanted to create a new, 21st century laboratory that would “bring science alive” and inspire its students to take on original research projects.
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See the concept

Check out the 7.2m science lab concept developed for Watford Grammar School for Girls in 2015, including double-glazed panels and blue anti-sun coating.
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Dome specification

Parameter Value
Max. diameter 7.2m 23.6ft
Circumference 23m 75.5ft
Area of base 40m2 431ft2
Max. capacity 65
Max. height 4.1m 13.5ft
Volume 97.5m3 3,443ft3
Opening windows 5
Doors (double unless stated) 1
Dome frequency [What’s this?] 4

In addition, the SOLARDOME® PRO can be clad with any type of building material – choose from single, double or triple glazing.
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Photo Gallery

See more photos and how owners are using their SOLARDOME® PRO glass domes.
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