The ultimate greenhouse for passionate gardeners.

A Solardome® glasshouse provides the optimum greenhouse environment in which vegetables grow strong and healthy, exotic plants flourish and citrus fruits thrive. It enables you to grow things you never thought possible in our unpredictable climate. Plants can be grown at ground level due to the low level glass and 97% light transmission. The multifaceted glass ensures maximum solar gain, leading to an extended growing season.

As seen on TV

Our domes also create an excellent greenhouse environment for you to experiment with modern growing techniques such as aquaponics, hydroponics and vertical growing. As seen on Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh Series 5, episode 3.

Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Growing benefits

With the following benefits due to the geodesic dome shape, all of your plants will thrive in one of our glasshouses.

  • Maximum solar gain – two panes of glass at right angles to the sun’s rays at all times
  • Maximum light transmission through the glass
  • Cheaper to heat – up to 40% savings
  • Strong and windproof
  • Better ventilation and airflow ensures healthier plants
  • Better air distribution – no stagnant or still air reducing fungi and disease build up
  • More uniform temperature
  • Virtually maintenance free

Create a tropical house or winter garden

If you dream of a tropical rainforest in your garden, then a dome greenhouse is also the ideal place to grow bananas, beautiful cannas, bird of paradise plants or exotic fruit trees like mangoes, passion fruits or avocados. Or, if your preference is for the Mediterranean, you can cultivate olives, agaves, yuccas, palms, bougainvilleas and jasmines.

So much more than just a greenhouse, our Outdoor Living range of glasshouses are available from 3.6m up to 10.1m diameter, prices start from just £9,000 (inc VAT).

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SOLARDOME Haven, Isle of Mull

Dr. Charlier, Isle Of Mull

Dr Charlier relies on his SOLARDOME® Haven to protect his produce from gale force winds and hard frost on the Isle of Mull.
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Mr & Mrs Newland, Croydon

Garden-loving couple pick out the Solardome® POD as a luxury growing and relaxing space.
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Solardome® POD in Bristol

Mr John Hodge, Bristol

The Solardome® POD stood out as the ideal luxury greenhouse and fitting memorial for a garden enthusiast in Bristol.
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