Growing on the Curriculum

Growing Schools

Growing Schools was a Government initiative launched in 2001. It aimed to encourage and inspire all schools to use the outdoors as a context for learning across the curriculum, but particularly focused on food, nature, geography and science. Learning that took place beyond the classroom walls was seen as a particularly effective way to enhance young people’s understanding of the wider issues, while delivering curriculum goals.

Today, Growing Schools is run as a partnership, managed on a day-to-day basis by FACE, and supported by a Development and Delivery Group, representing partner organisations.

Solardome and Growing Schools

  • Solardome is helping to encourage the UK and our future generations to get back to nature and start growing their own fruit and vegetables.
  • Solardome’s unique, eco-friendly domes maximise the sun’s rays in the most efficient way – extending the growing season, the amounts you can grow, and enhancing the health of your plants.
  • By using a dome to grow your own produce you can reduce your individual carbon footprint by growing locally and organically.
  • In schools you can educate children about where their food comes from and they can see it develop from the seed to the canteen.
  • The domes further support sustainability as they are almost completely recyclable and don’t encourage our throw away society. Instead they last for decades in some of the most extreme climates worldwide with virtually no ongoing maintenance.
  • In schools you can use them as a truly multipurpose outdoor space; for outdoor learning, growing initiatives, eco and science projects, learning about climate change or as a mini-eden project or biome.

Horticulture on the Curriculum

Gardening will be taught in schools, for Key Stages 1-3, from September 2014. Research conducted by the Royal Horticulture Society, highlighted many benefits for pupils through gardening at schools, including improved academic achievement, improved life and employability skills and improved health and wellbeing.