Early Years

For nurseries and pre-schools, who are committed to following the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and providing outstanding care and education, a Solardome® outdoor classroom offers the unique opportunity to expand your early years classroom environment.

Depending on the amount of space you require and what you would like to use it for, you can choose from our standard Solardome® growing schools range of glass geodesic dome outdoor classrooms 3.5m-10m diameter, or for larger projects we have our SOLARDOME® PRO architectural system for dome buildings ranging from 10m-25m.

An early years classroom to stimulate and inspire

Our outdoor classroom domes provides a wonderful, safe, fun and practical community facility, which will encourage children to experience outdoor learning and to enable them to achieve new developmental skills.

The domes provide pupils with the ability to be outside yet inside and protected from the elements. They are also are ideal for hands on learning and in helping establish positive relationships. They can provide the creative environment and exciting space to help achieve some of the curriculum learning outcomes.
Solardome outdoor classroom lesson ideas

For example, pupils can have use the dome as a greenhouse to grow fruits and vegetables that can be eaten at snack time. If you select a multi-coloured frame you can create fun shape, colour and counting games. The multipurpose space that the dome creates can also be utilised for story-telling, a breakaway space, growing plants or as a large playroom for creative and messy play. You can install custom furniture and a variety of surfaces or artificial grass in the dome making it a safe and practical environment for the children’s enjoyment.

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Our Solardome® geodesic domes in schools

Desmond Anderson Primary School

Desmond Anderson Primary Academy

Desmond Anderson Primary School’s commitment to outdoor learning and the environment, which includes a Solardome® glasshouse mini Eden project, has been rewarded with a ‘Let’s FACE It!’ Award.
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Alfreton Nursery School, Derbyshire outdoor learning

Alfreton Nursery School

Forest School and Eco-School green flag winner, Alfreton Nursery School in Derbyshire, has added to its already impressive array of outdoor learning experiences by installing a SOLARDOME Haven.
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Wistaston Academy, Cheshire

Solardome® geodesic dome delivers first-class outdoor space to pupils with diverse learning needs.
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