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European Patent Office grants Solardome Industries the European Patent “Frame Assembly System for Geodesic Framed Structures”

Solardome Industries announces that the European Patent Office (EPO) has granted them the European patent “Frame Assembly System for Geodesic Framed Structures” on April 6th, 2022. This patent relates to the frame assembly system found on their SOLARDOME® PRO system, called the Geo-Lok nodal clamping assembly.

What is a Geo-Lok nodal clamping assembly?

This innovative and flexible clamping assembly, exclusive to Solardome Industries, provides a scalable system for glass-clad aluminum geodesic domes from 6m up to 20m in diameter. This node makes it quicker and easier to erect the SOLARDOME® PRO over other permanent geodesic structures as it eliminates time-consuming and expensive welding or bolting on site. It is also incredibly strong with the ability to withstand extremely high winds and snow loadings.

Find out more about the Geo-Lock nodal clamping assembly.

“We are thrilled that our patent application relating to our SOLARDOME® PRO frame and nodal assembly has been granted after 10 years. We view this as recognition of all the hard work and investment Solardome Industries puts into innovating our geodesic structures,” said Pippa Bailey, MD, Solardome Industries. “This patent sets our domes apart from our competitors, meaning we can produce long-lasting, flexible, and scalable structures that can be assembled much quicker than a traditional building.”

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