New Improved SD B Models

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Solardome® glasshouses new and improved SD B models, still as strong and elegant as usual.

Solardome Industries are constantly improving their glasshouse range through innovation and evolution of the design to produce high quality unique domes. The latest improvements to the range are the new Solardome® glasshouse SD B models (2B, 3B and 4B) which take over from the old Solardome® glasshouses 2A (15ft), 3A(20ft), and 4A (25ft) models.

The new models were launched this summer and have had really positive results at the shows and with people that have compared the old models with the new improved “B” models.

What are the differences?

The New SD B models have a new low threshold conservatory style door and doorframe, which are fully toughened and secure just like the back door of most houses.  The new doors are very strong and have an excellent locking system.  The new door has also meant the Dome itself has been increased in height to accommodate the 6ft2 door.

Also the copings that keep the glass in the dome have also been improved over the last few months with only the clamping sections needing extra sealing making the dome easier to build and more watertight.

Please see the range & prices section on the website to see a photo of the new SD2B.

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