First dome home in Europe with SOLARDOME® PRO geodesic system

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Solardome Industries continues its strides in innovation with its new SOLARDOME® PRO geodesic system and the first dome home in Europe!

Forward-thinking geomantic planning Architect Diana Hollacher has chosen two new SOLARDOME® PRO geodesic domes; one for the new Crystal Salt World building in Attesee, Austria and one for as a dome home for herself, both to be built this autumn.

Crystal Salt World is a company that specialises in well-being and in particular salt healing; Diana, one of the founders, has chosen Solardome Industries to help complete her vision for the new site as Solardome® glasshouses provide optimum light transmission and create the perfect balance between science and nature. The PRO system is also providing her with a bespoke solution that fits exactly to her requirements. Diana’s dream is of an eco-friendly way of living where she can live in harmony with nature, and this will be reflected in not just her new home, but also in the well-being and salt therapy centre.

Crystal Salt World will have a 9m double glazed geodesic dome as a skylight over centre of the star shaped building which will create a light and airy atrium to be used for a waiting and refreshments area. The private house to be built next door will be a 10m dome, comprised of 2 thirds glass panels and 1 third traditional wooden panels, combing both traditional and modern building methods. Most of the living area will be double glazed glass providing a stream of natural daylight and thereby invoking a constant feeling of being at one with nature.

This will be Solardome’s very first ‘dome home’ and the first one ever in Europe. Diana Hollacher says “I’m extremely excited to be working with such as innovative, professional and environmentally conscious company as Solardome and even more so to be the first person to live in a dome home! I chose Solardome as they had the best system and the highest standards for residential house and public buildings in dome structures. They could also design exactly what I’d dreamt of for Crystal Salt and my new home, plus the natural properties of the dome are simply outstanding and of course perfect for healthy living”

The SOLARDOME® PRO system was developed in response to a unique customer project in North Norway which required a 15m diameter dome, able to withstand high winds and extreme snow loads, to act as a force field to protect the internal two story house and garden within. Take a look at the progress on .

Solardome Industries’ innovative new SOLARDOME® PRO system allows the company to manufacture bespoke geodesic domes up to 25m diameter. The new system can also be clad with any type of material meaning that the customer can specify their exact requirements whether it is for a single glazed tropical biome, a double glazed skylight or a part insulated, part glazed dome building.  This opens up a huge market potential and offers a flexible, eco-friendly and durable free standing alternative to traditional buildings.

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