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Hydroponics and Aquaponics at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, SOLARDOME Haven

Solardome’s modern glasshouse forms a centrepiece in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show ‘100 years of Horticulture’ show garden

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Artists impression of the Horticolous garden entitled ‘100 years of Horticulture’

Solardome Industries, Southampton, UK, is honoured to be teaming up with previous gold medallists, Horticolous Landscape and Garden Design at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013, 21-25 May. Chelsea is celebrating its centenary year, and to mark this historic occasion, Horticolous have created a garden entitled ‘100 years of Horticulture’, to feature in The Great Pavilion.

The Solardome® Haven glasshouse was selected as the stunning centrepiece to the modern segment of the garden due to its innovative geodesic design, demonstrating the latest technological advances in modern growing techniques. A dome glasshouse is an ideal environment in which vegetables grow healthy and strong, exotic plants flourish and citrus fruits thrive. Superior air distribution and airflow help maintain a more uniform temperature and keep it fungus and disease free. Plus, maximum solar gain is achieved as a result of 97% light transmission to the multiple facets of the geodesic dome, resulting in extending the growing period.

Showcasing inside the Solardome® glasshouse, Hydrogarden Ltd will be demonstrating modern growing techniques with hydroponics and aquaponics. These are the gardening tools for the 21st Century, perfectly complimenting the outstanding growing environment created by the Solardome® glasshouse, making it possible to grow any plant, anytime, anywhere. Sutton seeds and Paignton Zoo, will also be helping to create this garden of the past and present.

Lynn Riches, co-founder of Horticolous explains more about their garden design: ‘Firstly the garden will take you back to horticulture 100 years ago; with plants and materials that make you feel like you have stepped back in time. The garden has been cleverly set so visitors will be taken on a journey leading them from the past into a contemporary garden, with modern plants, building materials and techniques of growing.’

Pippa Bailey, Managing Director, Solardome Industries concludes: ‘We are delighted to have been chosen as partners, glasshouse design has come a long way and our unique geodesic design is ideal for the modern gardener who wants the best plants and a stunning design feature.  The centenary celebrations will make this year’s show one to remember, we are very excited!’


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