Solardome Industries Launches an Inspiring New Website

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Solardome Industries, Southampton UK, is inviting visitors to explore its brand new website. The company who designs and manufactures unique geodesic domes has developed a website that reflects its products – innovative, elegant and inspirational.

The new website is designed to provide the ultimate user experience with a fresh design that is fully integrated with social media, features a new blog and showcases stories and photos provided by their customers. Solardome have always prided themselves at being at the forefront of technology and innovation, and were among some of the earliest companies to launch a website in 1996.

The site also represents a brand new era for the company in larger geodesic dome buildings. There is a ‘Grand Designs’ area dedicated to their SOLARDOME® PRO architectural building solution, a system for creating habitable dome structures up to 25m diameter.

Solardome value the importance of customer interaction via the web in such a varied worldwide marketplace. Created with the user firmly in mind, the website also uses the latest technology so the site is compatible with today’s mobile and tablet devices.

Pippa Bailey, Managing Director comments: ‘We are excited to be launching our new website. Our geodesic domes are unique, striking and inspirational and we hope that our website truly reflects this. We have aimed to put the customer at the heart of the new website, making sure information is easy to find and understand. The selection of beautiful dome images in gardens, school grounds, commercial projects and grand designs aims to demonstrate the versatility of our Solardome® geodesic domes and inspire others to imagine the possibilities that they offer.’

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