7.2m PRO lab design

7.2m PRO Classroom

A science classroom concept developed for Watford Grammar School for Girls, installed in 2015.

Summary Dome Specifications

Diameter (m) 7.2
Height (m) 3.6
Area (m2) 40.72
Number of UPVC doors 2
Glass:Insulated panels (%) 50:50
Weight (Ton) 3
Laboratory Capacity 12 students

Double glazing: 6mm External Toughened Glass with blue anti-sun coating, 4mm Internal Softcoat Toughened Glass and 14mm Argon Filled Cavity with U-Value 1.2

23mm thick insulated panels: 1.5mm aluminium skin, thermally separated. 20mm internal insulation with U-Value 1.11 (W/m2K)