Hotel Room Igloo Domes

Popular especially in Northern latitudes, is the Igloo Dome. These are designed primarily for hotels which want to offer an alternative to a traditional room so that guests can sleep under the stars or Northern Lights. Designed for two people they provide an ample and luxurious space for the traveler seeking something different during their stay.

Designed for you

An igloo dome would be designed to meet your accommodation requirements and can be cladded in a range of materials to suit. For example, space in the ‘ceiling’ can be made for a chimney flue so that guests can enjoy a wood burning stove in the dome. The example igloo dome shown here sits on a 1.2 m base.

Example specifications

Dome Diameter 5.4 m
Height 3.3 m
Footprint 5.4 × 6.4 m
Total Area 25.2 m²
Capacity 2

There is a minimum order quantity of five units for domes under 7m diameter.