Solardome win Chelsea Gold Award

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Mark & Lynn

Gold medal winning show garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show features innovative Solardome® glasshouse

Solardome Industries, Southampton, UK, is delighted to announce the team behind the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, ‘The Secret Garden of Past & Present’ have won a prestigious gold medal in the Great Pavilion Awards 2013.

Created by Lynn Riches and Mark Lippiatt of Horticolous Landscape and Garden Design to mark Chelsea’s centenary year, the garden represents a culmination of time and expertise of all involved – Solardome Industries, Paignton Zoo, Suttons Seeds, HydroGarden and Foras Stone.

Pippa Bailey, Managing Director of Solardome Industries said: “This is a tribute to the innovation and hard work of all the people involved in the garden.”

“Solardome is very proud to be associated with the garden and to have played a part in this success.”

“Glasshouse design has come a long way over the last 100 years and our unique geodesic design is ideal for the modern gardener who wants to grow the best plants in a stunning, yet practical, design feature.”

Chelsea Gold Award 2

“The centenary celebrations will make this year’s show one to remember. This is a well-deserved success!”

The new green SOLARDOME® Haven model was selected as the stunning centrepiece to the modern segment of the garden due to its innovative geodesic design, demonstrating the latest technological advances in modern growing techniques. It housed the latest products in hydroponics and aquaponics and plants cultivated using vertical growing.

A Solardome® glasshouse is an ideal environment in which vegetables grow healthy and strong, exotic plants flourish and citrus fruits thrive. Superior air distribution and airflow help maintain a more uniform temperature and keep it fungus and disease free. Plus, maximum solar gain is achieved as a result of 97% light transmission to the multiple facets of the geodesic dome, resulting in extending the growing period and better plants for your garden.

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