Dome aftercare

How to identify your dome

There have been three types of glasshouse manufactured, the current models are the Deluxe “C” series. Please see more details below. You may also find the photo gallery of previous models helpful in identifying your dome.

Basic Model (1969 – 1995)

Aluminium coping
Manufactured between 1969 and 1995, the Basic Model can be identified by the use of aluminium copings (glazing strips), which hold the glass in place. These domes had a galvanised steel frame that was bolted together at the nodal points.


These domes were obsolete before Solardome Industries took on the business in 1995. Therefore, we do not have any spare parts for basic models.

Basic Model Diameter First Built Discontinued
SD1 10’6” 1969 1994
SD1A 12’6” 1985 1994
SD2 14’6” 1969 1994
SD3 19’6” 1986 1994
The Apollo (1969 – 1987)

The Apollo

Manufactured between 1969 and 1987 (as far as we can ascertain from our records), the Apollo was the only model that was not a dome.


We no longer have any spare parts for the Apollo and have little information about them.

The Deluxe Model (1977 – Present)

PVC coping

Manufactured from 1977, the Deluxe Model can be identified by the PVC copings (glazing strips) used to hold the glass in place. They also differ from the Basic Model in that the struts slot into the discs at the Nodal Points, rather than being bolted in.


We can supply some spare parts for Deluxe Models including copings and struts, but there are no replacement sliding door parts available.

Deluxe Model Diameter First Built Discontinued
Original Series
Identified by grey copings, sliding aluminium door (unless SD2A, SD3A or SD4A which had a hinged door with a horizontal bar half-way up), and mill finished (not coated) base plates.
SD1 3.2m / 10′ 6″ 1977 2004
SD1A 3.8m / 12′ 6″ 1986 2004
SD2 4.4m / 14′ 6″ 1977 2004
SD2A 4.52m / 15’ 1996 2004
SD3 5.9m / 19′ 6″ 1977 2004
SD3A 6.1m / 20′ 1997 2005
SD4 7.3m / 24’ 1992 2004
SD4A 7.75m / 25′ 5″ 2003 2004
“B” Series
Identified by grey copings, aluminium single-glazed inset door, and power-coated base plates.
“Haven / Agena”
4.52m / 15’ 2004 2012
“Retreat / Capella”
5.9m / 19′ 6″ 2004 2012
“Sanctuary / Vega”
7.75m / 25′ 5″ 2006 2012
“C” Series
Identified by white copings, UPVC double-glazed outset door, and power-coated base plates.
Pod 3.62m / 11′ 10″  2012 In Production
“Haven / Agena”
4.7m / 15′ 1″ 2012 In Production
“Retreat / Capella”
6.27m / 20′ 7″ 2012 In Production
“Sanctuary / Vega”
8.12m / 26′ 8″ 2012 In Production
“Paradise / Sirius”
10.14m / 33′ 3″ 2009 In Production


In March 2017, we simplified the naming convention for our current range of glasshouse domes. Across all our markets, each dome now has the same name. The domes named after astronomical stars have been renamed, as defined in the table below:

Old Name New Name
Pod Pod (unchanged)
Agena Haven
Capella Retreat
Vega Sanctuary
Sirius Paradise


How do I clean my dome?

A thorough clean of the dome should be conducted at least every six months, ideally quarterly, to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris. Failure to keep the dome clean will result in stain marks and speed up the degradation of the silicone seals.

The glass surfaces, copings and powder coated aluminium should all be cleaned with soapy water to remove the build-up of dirt. No solvent based cleaners or abrasive materials should be used. A telescopic window cleaning brush can be useful for cleaning the top of the dome but should be used with care to avoid damage to the silicone seals. No power washers should be used on the dome. Extra care should be taken to remove dirt and debris around and under the capping discs.

How do I order spare parts?

  1. Firstly, please identify the model of dome you have. See ‘How to identify your dome’ above. Please note, we do not stock all parts for all older models.
  2. Please contact our team on +44 (0)23 8066 7890 or at stating the model and parts required. If you are unsure of the model, or the exact parts required, please take photographs and measurements as this will help us to process your request as quickly as possible.