The life we’ll live tomorrow

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Marshalls and Solardome® glasshouse show an innovative spa solution

Marshalls Plc – the UK’s largest manufacturer of innovative landscape products – is launching Future Lifescapes, sharing insights into the society of tomorrow and providing inspiration for creating gardens that integrate seamlessly with people’s lifestyles. With forecasted growth within the garden leisure market from £3.5bn to £4.8bn by 2006, Marshalls recognise its huge potential and is well-equipped to understand homeowner’s lifestyle needs today and well into the future.

7 lifestyle trends are emerging from which Marshalls have developed 10 garden themes to meet the changing needs of consumers in the coming years.

One such garden theme is The Psi Garden: sleek, controlled, and futuristic, with bold, hard landscaping and dramatic features, it represents state-of-the art performance. Bringing the power of the wired world into the outdoor space, this is man, nature and machine working in harmony. The Psi Garden suited the lifestyle needs of Marshalls’ Group marketing Director so well that he had the theme translated into his own back garden, including a MowBot, fingerprint access and more.

At the centre is a spa pool enclosed by a Solardome® glasshouse, an advanced glass dome that enables everyone to use their spa throughout the year, whatever the weather. With the rapid growth in demand for luxury products, such as spa pools, and the general garden leisure market, Marshalls and Solardome® glasshouse show how an innovative combination of products unleashes the potential for any garden to become the perfect solution to an individual’s diverse needs. Bruce Cowan, Director of Solardome Industries comments, “The Solardome® glasshouse is the ultimate solution for the person who wants to get the most from their spa and their garden – come wind, rain, or snow, my dome allows me to enjoy my spa with friends whatever else might be going on outside.”

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