The SOLARDOME® Retreat for Community Support: Grow Blackpool

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“It was a lively and vibrant space…”

In 2016, The Groundwork Charity inherited a SOLARDOME® Retreat from Chepstow Community Gardens for their Grow Blackpool Project. During this time, it was used as a lively and vibrant space, connecting the community back to nature, helping to combat loneliness and boost emotional wellbeing.

We caught up with Clare who runs the Grow Blackpool Project to find out, in her words, the benefits the dome has brought to the community.

Community Support

With the help of the local community, Grow Blackpool transformed the dome into a productive and innovative gardening space. 

There was a great sense of team spirit and community support to develop this space into something unique and somewhere they can be proud of. 

“The dome has helped to improve mental health and combat loneliness by bringing the community together.”

Unique Learning Space

Throughout the years, the SOLARDOME® Retreat has been used to teach locals how to grow plants, eat better and adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

From tropical plants such as Yucca Trees, Orchids and Cacti, to a central pond offering an aquaponic growing space, this Dome offered a unique learning environment never seen before. 

“Local residents and children would come and visit to see the pond and the fish. It was a vibrant and lively space. It also showed them a different way to grow, as there wasn’t anything else like this in the community.”

The Test of Time

The SOLARDOME® Retreat, from the glasshouse range, was initially built in 2010 for the Chepstow Community Garden Project. More than 10 years on, it’s withstood the test of time.

“The dome is really good quality.  It has a great structure with lots of space and has withstood the test of time,” said Clare.

The dome is currently used as a wild garden, with Grow Blackpool looking to develop the space into a community allotment where someone can transform this space into their own. 

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